Lincoln On Leadership – Chapter Two

I’m currently reading the book Lincoln on Leadership. I wanted to share the chapter notes because they’re so good.

Chapter Two – Build Strong Alliances

  • Wage only one war at a time
  • Spend time letting your followers learn that you are firm, resolute, and committed in the daily performance of your duty. Doing so will gain their respect and trust.
  • Etiquette and personal dignity are sometimes wisely set aside.
  • Invest time and money in better understanding the ins and outs of human nature.
  • Remember, human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed.
  • Showing your compassionate and caring nature will aid in you forging successful relationships
  • When you extinguish hope, you create desperation.
  • You must remember that peopleĀ  who have not even been suspected of disloyalty are very adverse to taking an oath of any sort as a condition of exercising an ordinary right of citizenship.
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