Lincoln On Leadership – Chapter Fifteen

I’m currently reading the book Lincoln on Leadership. I wanted to share the chapter notes because they’re so good.

Chapter Fifteen – Preach a Vision and Continually Reaffirm It
  • Provide a clear , concise statement of the direction of your organization, and justify the actions you take
  • Everywhere you go, at every conceivable opportunity, reaffirm, reassert, and remind everyone of the basic principles upon which your organization was founded.
  • Effective visions can’t be forced on the masses. Rather, you must set them in motion by means of persuasion.
  • Harness your vision through implementation of your own personal roving leadership style
  • When you preach your vision, don’t shoot too high. Aim lower and the common people will understand you. They are the ones you want to reach-at least they are the ones you ought to reach
  • When effecting renewal, call on the past, relate it to the present, and then use them both to provide a link to the future.
  • You must realize that the process of renewal releases the critical human talent and energy necessary to insure success.
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