8.7.11 Worship Rewind

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Today we kick off our monthly series I Love The 80’s. We’re going through the book of Philippians. I’m really excited about this series because it lets me relive my childhood again. All the toys. All the music. All the fun!

Better Is One Day – The band sounded so good and full today. Everybody was right on key and played skillfully. It was truly an answered prayer. This song sounded so crisp and I thought it was cool to start out the service with it.

Baby Dedication – The band sat down and Pastor had a baby dedication with three kids today. It’s always exciting to see this. New kids and babies are a great reminder that the church is growing.

Unchanging – This is a new song for our church. I opened this song with a reading of Psalm 63. There were so many connections with this psalm and all the songs we sang today but I wanted to encourage people as the song says to raise holy hands in worship. It was a very cool time of hearing the word and applying.

How Great Is Our God –  This song was unplanned. I felt we needed to sing it at this moment just to continue our adoration of God’s greatness and goodness. We only sang the chorus though.

King of Glory – The band always sounds so good on this song and today was no exception. We normally do it just like Third Day plays it but today I wanted to change just one little small part. So I left the drummer out until the third verse. I added a little delay and played by myself on the first verse, had Cassandra (bass) on the second verse. Good stuff.

Lord Reign In Me – Before we went into this song I really felt like I wanted to do a song by Jeff Deyo called You Are Good. As I sat there praying asking God to give me the words or the tune, He didn’t. I really wanted to sing that song but I couldn’t get the tune in my head nor the words. So I just let it go. God knows what He’s doing. So we went on into this song a wrapped up the musical worship portion.

Living On A Prayer – What can I say? We practiced this song for a little over a month and when we first started working on it, it was rough. Today when we played it, WE NAILED IT!!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I had to chord the song down a whole step and I was still concerned I wasn’t going to hit the transition after the solo. When it came to the point I really felt like I could reach it so I went for it and nailed it. Cassandra had practiced the whole time sitting down and she nailed it standing up because I took her seat away not knowing she’d been using it.

The church rocked out today and was eating it up. It was real fun to do that. Unsure of what happened, the electricity went out just as Pastor Carlo started into his message. It stayed off the entire time during the message and literally just as he said amen at the end of prayer, the lights came back on. I’m sure God knew somebody needed the lights off to hear the message. I took the opportunity to see what was going on in the youth room. Church carried on as if nothing happened. “Stay Hungry” church. Stay Hungry!!! (Another prop on the 80’s theme)

Today we also said goodbye to Caleb, Cassandra, Brianna, and Jaden. One of the sad things about living in an Army town is watching people PCS (Permanent Change of Station) or get out and go back home. Caleb got out and they’re heading back to Kansas and will be greatly missed. So many memories were made and we’ll never forget them.

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to 8.7.11 Worship Rewind

  1. Terry Timm says:

    Kevin –

    Love that you did “Living on a Prayer;” good to see yu can have some fun even while worshiping!


  2. improvise88 says:

    Just to throw down a Bon Jovi chart at the end of service would be worth any amount of backlash!

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