Worshiping the Holy Spirit

This month our church is doing a series on the Holy Spirit. It’s called Ghost (God). I’m preparing the worship sets for this series and I’ve come to realize there are hardly if any worship songs that mention or worship the Holy Spirit. I ponder the question “Why exactly is this?”

I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  1. We worship God who has done many things like created us, never leaves us, has mercy on us, has grace for us, loves us abundantly. We worship Jesus because He died for us, He shed His blood for us. But the Spirit? He is our counselor. But how exactly do we communicate that in song. Thank you for your counseling. Thank you for groaning for us. Thank you for helping me prophesy, or speaking in tongues. I mean it’s not really that easy to communicate our gratitude for the kind of help he gives us.
  2. Let’s admit it. It’s hard to see the Spirit as a “He” or “She”. I’m well aware the Spirit is God but when we sing, it’s kinda difficult to sing of the spirit having a sex. I just think it’s weird not referring to the Spirit as It.
  3. Sometimes it seems we don’t put enough emphasis on the Spirit being a counselor as we do God being God or Jesus being the Son. It’s like the Spirit get’s the raw end of the deal. We tend to think He doesn’t do much, or He doesn’t do anything in light of Jesus or God. He just gives us gifts to work with. So what the Spirit does is less important and not worth singing about.
  4. The Holy Spirit’s role in the church can and has been divisive. So the best way to handle singing about such confusing role is not singing about Him at all. Don’t even go there. We can see the roles of the Father and the Son and can be quite sure of what we have in and through them but the Holy Spirit is taught differently depending on which church you go to. So because of such divisiveness, songs aren’t even written about Him.

I know being raised on the hymnal, I can’t possibly think of one song we sang that worshiped the Holy Spirit. Maybe you have a better idea of why there are little if no songs that speak much of the Holy Spirit and worshiping this third-party of the Trinity. I’d love for you to share with me songs you know of that worship the Holy Spirit.

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to Worshiping the Holy Spirit

  1. Carlo says:

    The reason we don’t worship the Spirit is because scripture doesn’t lead us that way. Scripture points out the Spirit directs our worship and prayer to the Father through Jesus. The Spirit is to be welcomed in song, and obviously we can sing songs that ask the spirit to help/lead/empower us. And when you think about it, to worship one person of the Trinity is to worship all.

  2. KellySinging says:

    Holy Spirit Rain Down by Hillsong always blesses.

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