Bowing Before God

In today’s American culture we don’t bow. Showing humility towards someone else is just not the American way. I somewhat remember seeing some “iconic” figures in my Christian walk bow but those were the ones who most people considered sold out Christians while most aren’t or as my brother has put it; too religious.

Can I be a little transparent with you. I love to get on my face before God. Kneeling is not fun though. It hurts. But it’s supposed to isn’t it. Kneeling or lying prostrate before God is not supposed to be an enjoyable process. It’s not about our fun. It’s about our humbleness before our creator.

So what’s the big deal? Why don’t we bow if the bible says to. We can see throughout the whole bible where writers encourage or even command getting on your face humbly before God, the creator of the universe, the Alpha and Omega, the King of kings, Lord of lords. Oh that’s right, in America we don’t have kings or lords or in some cases a creator.

Let me tell you what bowing does for me.

  • It humbles me – Pride is the back-fall of most men I know. Giving ourselves in humbleness to others isn’t something that comes easy. By bowing, I learn to be humble and tell God He is greater than I am.
  • It reminds me – When I’m being tempted, it reminds me that I have prayed on my face and asked for strength in my weaknesses and that God will give me strength to overcome. Some call it a crutch but that’s pride. I believe in an omnipotent God who has the power to get me through all things so I may become more like Him.
  • It teaches me – Respect and submission is things God deserves and demands and by bowing before Him I learn to give respect and submit before Him. I may not be good at it at first but over time by getting on my face, I learn these things. Exodus 20:2-3
  • It connects me – Do you have problems praying and concentrating because of the noise around you? Yeah, me too, but when I get on my face, those things tend to disappear. Oh you fall asleep? Not when your knees are HURTING!

Before you say this is all about what bowing does for me, let me mention what does it do for God?

  • It glorifies Him
  • It honors Him
  • It worships Him
  • It respects Him
  • It puts Him in His rightful place as Lord and King

So I encourage you while you pray, bow. Bow at church. Bow at home. I probably wouldn’t bow in a public setting simple because you don’t want to be viewed as “one of those” but if God moves you, you might want to be obedient. But remember don’t be like the pharisees and do it to be seen.

Give it a chance. Bow on your knees or even lay out flat. One of the sweetest moments in worship on stage, I actually laid out flat and worshiped Him (I wasn’t leading). I know it sounds crazy but I don’t do it all the time. The Spirit was moving in a mighty way that day. We didn’t even have preaching. God just showed up in the music. Twelve received salvation that day. So don’t discount something like bowing because God desires it.

Here are some scripture to help you see the importance in bowing.

About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

6 Responses to Bowing Before God

  1. Von de Leigh says:

    Too often, I think, we as Christians are either so concerned with church work and our culture (Western/American thinking) that we lose our awe of God. Thanks for reminding us that we do not humble ourselves necessarily for our own spiritual benefit but for the glory of God!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is very interesting that you should talk about this, I am a log truck driver and get to spend most of my time in my truck alone and the one thing that I have noticed for even my self is that I do not spend enough time with the Father, even though I rarely listen to music.The one thing that I can say is that bowing down before Father can be the one thing that lifts you up. I do agree with Von de leigh, but one of the only things that most of us do is talk and rarely do we ever do anything about it. Yes most of us have lost the inner touch with Father, the fear of Father is not there. It takes more of a real man or women to really humbly bow before Father.

    • Kevin Riner says:

      You couldn’t be more right on with that last sentence. Thanks for reading and I hope that it at least inspires you to be more mindful of God while you’re driving. Stay safe and just know you’re never alone. He’s always there with you. Blessings to the log truck driver.

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