For the Least, Last, and Lost

Three years ago, I received an issue of Worship Leader magazine in the mail. In this issue, there was an article from Tim Hughes  talking about reaching people who are far from God. He said, “God’s heart breaks for the least, last and lost” *. This article really shook me to my inner core and I was moved to go to my office for the next two weeks and pour out my heart in my music writing about fifteen songs for a new CD I wanted to record.

I finished recording these songs and like the CD I recorded before that, I never could figure out how to boost my volumes to radio levels and I didn’t have the money to have them professionally mastered. Until recently when I received a computer with some software on it that could do it.

I’m finally able to get the music out to everyone and I’m very happy about it. I’m afraid that most people won’t understand these songs simply because it’s a heavy record in the sense that the songs carry a heavy message. There’s really only a couple of tracks that are somewhat light in its message so it’s not one that you’re ging to rock in your car. In fact if the right legalist folks get a hold of it, I’m sure I will get some backlash from some of the language I use. You can thank Derek Webb for the inspiration to tell it like I see it.

You can listen as well as download it FOR FREE at noisetrade.

So since this week has been full of introductions, why stop now. I introduce to you…

For the rest of this week and the next, I will be blogging each song and what effect they’ve had on me and why I wrote them. Stay tuned for that. Here is the track listing.

1. Here Am I

2. Jonah

3. Give and Receive

4. Jesus Loves Me (3 year old Kevin)

5. Jesus Loves Me

6. I Believe

7. Here We Are

8. Nighting Gayle

9. True

* Worship Leader magazine March/April 2009 Issue No Depression article p.26

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