7.22.12 Worship Rewind

  • Like A Lion – Daniel Bashta
  • Beautiful King – Jonathan Lee
  • I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin
  • Give Us Clean Hands – Charlie Hall

We had a great time in worship today. It was a great set as well. We started off just rocking the house with Like A Lion. That song just gets you moving and really a great song of declaration.

I was telling the band that the intro to Beautiful King  is really tough to play. I wish there was an easier way. I’m not good at playing octave chords where the two notes are three frets away from each other. But that song rocks and I always enjoy singing it.

For some reason, I couldn’t get the lyrics right on I Will Follow. Our Pianist (Heather) kept making fun because I wanted to sing a partial of the third verse with the first verse. It wasn’t till the second service did I actually get them right. Sorry first service. My bad, lol.

Give Us Clean Hands really summed up what our series this month was all about. We talked about making idols out of Patriotism,  Possessions, Personality, and Power.

I love me team and love that we can really gel together. I can’t wait till next month. We’re doing a Nirvana series so I get to relive my band days from the 90’s and play some Nirvana songs. It’s gonna be fun.

Next week we’re having our Baptism service. I can’t wait to eat some burgers, play corn-hole and watch folks get dunked in the name of Jesus! It’s gonna be a blast.

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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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