8.5.12 Worship Rewind

  • Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  • What A Savior – Laura Story
  • Healer – Hillsong
  • Rescue – Jared Anderson
  • Come As You Are – Nirvana

Today we started a new series called Come As You Are. When I received an email a few months ago from Pastor Carlo, he tagged the end with “Yes, I want you to sing Nirvana songs. So we got to play Come As You Are today. When we first started rehearsing it I was concerned not that the band could pull it off but that I could sing it with respect towards Cobain. I think It pulled off rather well today. Very proud of the band and the work they put into making the worship and music at church great.

We started off with Let God Arise. It’s a great song to start a service off on just not at a hundred miles an hour like I started the second service. I cranked it out fast and after the drums came in I realized it and looked back at him with a smile. I had him running around that drum set like something fierce.

We sang a new song today called What A Savior by Laura Story. I really love her new release on an old song. We had been singing the version by Ascend The Hill of the hymn. Laura’s isn’t really a version of the popular hymn but a new take on the idea. Great song. I have trouble with the vocals simply because the verses are low and the chorus get’s up there so I had to find a good medium to sing it in.

We rolled into Healer by Hillsong. We played this song a while back and I didn’t see anywhere to fit it back in to the schedule till the todays sermon. It fit real well with finding healing in Jesus through His saving grace.

Afterwards we played Rescue and Thomas our drummer mentioned to me in the first service that’s the best that song has ever sounded. I can’t contest his remark. It sounded great and it’s one of my favorite songs to worship with. I truly love that song. The first time I’d ever heard it was at a Promise Keepers conference. Check it out sometime.

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