The Shame Found In Giving Up On Others

I had a shameless addiction. Professional Wrestling. WWF. Yes, bulky men in tights “wrastling” around in a “squared circle” hitting each other with open fists and after fifteen to twenty minutes of chasing each other like squirrels they walked away unbruised and shameless. The key word here is “had”. I no longer watch this soap opera geared for men.

I recently watched a documentary on one of the most famous tag teams of professional wrestling, the Road Warriors. At the time the Road Warriors were the only team to hold championship belts in 8 different sanctioned wrestling federations. They changed the scope of wrestling from what we know of high school wrestling to street brawling. They became a household name in a matter of no time. If you ever watched wrestling, then you are fully aware of the Road Warriors; Hawk and Animal.

As I sat reminiscing on my child hood I thought about the many hours I sat in front of that TV watching all those famous wrestlers come out to their own energy pumping music stirring the crowd and sparking fear into their opponents (who typically seemed like somebody they dragged out of the audience for a personalized beating without an autograph). I really loved the energy they made me feel and afterwards, my friend and I would go in the back yard (fully clothed mind you) and try to emulate what we had just saw on TV.

What I didn’t know was the life and turmoil that these wrestlers were going though. Even though they looked like God’s in the ring, their lives were falling apart all around them outside of the ring. They really are great actors. So as I watched this documentary it talked about how crazy a life Hawk led (He’s the one with the missing mohawk). After fame caught up with him, he began using all sorts of drugs and drinking barrels of beer. I find it odd that somebody who worked so hard on their body would destroy it like that but I digress.

Let me refocus. I began feeling sorry for him and thinking as I watched this documentary that he is bound to be burning in Hell. Yes, I really thought that due to how they were making him out to be and my religious beliefs. Yes, I judged. Will you forgive me? Better yet, I’ll ask him myself for forgiveness. That’s right. Because they went on to say that  he saw the malady of his ways and dedicated his life to Jesus.


I just slapped myself for even thinking that Hell was his new residence. I felt shameful for even thinking it. I really am sorry even to myself for judging a man like that.

Do you see how this kind of thinking is damaging to the kingdom of God? There are so many folks out there that we give up on because we see the error of their ways and write them off as if there is no chance for salvation. I have learned (and still learning obviously) that I have plenty of friends that had surrendered their life to Christ and that was only by a miracle the Holy Spirit can do.

So will you learn with me. Don’t write people off. Their is hope in Christ for EVERY person. For God didn’t come to save a few. He came that ALL may be saved. For you Calvinists out there that’s John 3:17. Can’t wait to meet ya Hawk!


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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to The Shame Found In Giving Up On Others

  1. mara says:

    talk about a slap in the face for all of us…. thank you for reminding us that we are all unworthy but God sees us worthy….so much so that He sent His Son… and His Son GAVE His life for ALL of us.

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