Are The Good Times Really Over

Old Soul – I’ve been told I’m an old soul. Aside from the wise part (which I’m not sure I am) I do appreciate the old days. Notice I didn’t say the good old days. Because they’re weren’t good  compared to all the amenities we have today. However the memories are good and sometimes we want to sit in those memories for a while instead of making new ones.

Let me explain why I like the old days.

I like simple, raw music; music that don’t need electrifying.
I like slower traffic.
I like fewer options.
I like watching the grass grow.
I like a good glass of tea on the porch with friends.
I like getting my news ONLY at 6:00 at night.
I like the idea of having my child change the station on the tv.
I like only three channels on my tv.
I like that the town talk is the football game this Friday.
I like small town fairs.
I like my teacher graduated with my mom, and my child will be taught by someone I graduated with.
I like manual windows and locks on my truck.
I like a dial on my truck radio.
I like summer trips to the creek.
I like saturday afternoon drives with my dad and a coke and a candy bar to boot.
I like listening to the Grand Ole Opry in the truck on a Saturday night.
I like listening to the crickets and seeing the stars at night.
I like the old rotary dial phone and that being our only connection to the outside world.
I like playing war where our guns are sticks and when we get shot we count to ten and get back up and play again.
I like hide and go seek in the dark.
I like riding my bicycle even when I’m 17 cause our family can only afford one car.
I like sleeping in the hay loft on a rainy night.
I like Granny cooling off the pies in the window sill.
I like smelling my Paw-Paw’s tobacco pipe.
I like a creaky floor at church.
I like the (nostalgia of pews) but I really don’t like sitting in them things!
I like a backyard football game.
I like being able to tell someone’s coming over because I hear them coming down the road and see the dust from the dirt road.
I like afternoon walks in the woods.

I think you get my point. I dream for a slower time, and slower paced living but that’s in the past. I could get lost in the past and damage my future. So I will appreciate my past and build my future. Merle Haggard said it best, “Are The Good Times Really Over?”

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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