You Can’t Have Two Without One

Yesterday I was showing something to Levi before we got in the truck to go to church. I counted one, two. His response to hearing two is always to repeat two. He rarely if ever says one before saying two. I told him that you can’t have two without one. Which sent my spiritual radars in a frenzy.

In dealing with a lot of marriages and trying to help other marriages thrive, I have learned that marriages suck without God first. There is no respect from the wife and no love from the husband. There is no honor and dignity to keeping marriage vows intact. There is no honesty between the two and communication is highly lacking. Marriages have gone from making a life together to just making a living. Marriages are working on one day at a time but not together. They work on their own day. There is not submission and serving one another.

All these conditions are the byproduct of having you as your own boss. You decide what your marriage looks like. You make sure you are being served. You control and manipulate the spouse into guilt of not being a good lover. You keep records of wrongs and throw them back at them as if it’s a game and there needs to be a score keeper.

All of it boils down to selfishness which is the DNA of sin.

But God says if I’m first, If I’m served, if I’m made ruler of the household, if I’m asked what life should look like, if I’m approached with daily troubles, then I will bless your marriage. I will inspire each of you to consider the other better than yourself. I will inspire you to hang up the score card. I will teach both of you how to love and respect. I will be at the forefront of your marriage which is how I designed it. I will get the glory and you will get the blessings.


Bottom line is, if you want a marriage where truth, honesty, love, respect, honor, dignity, loyalty, companionship all come together you must have THE ONE. You can’t have two without one!

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

7 Responses to You Can’t Have Two Without One

  1. mara says:

    Well said and I say Amen to that. I am not married but (I pray to be one day- in God’s time) I see the enemy trying to attack marriages in my family and I have been praying for their restoration. Thankfully they have started back attending church…I pray it’s a Word Church where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are taught and welcomed.

  2. Excellent marriage analogy, and a great teaching moment for the little dude!

    I have always loved that triangle visual with God at the top.

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