9.2.12 Worship Rewind

  • Hosanna – Paul Baloche
  • Better Is One Day – Matt Redman
  • What A Savior – Laura Story
  • Lead Me To The Cross – Chris and Conrad
  • Something In The Way – Nirvana

We had a heavy rain today to start things off. I’m guessing that was the remnants of Hurricane Isaac. That with being mixed with Labor Day weekend kept a lot of folks home today. But we still had an awesome time in worship. We did have some hiccups unbeknownst to the congregation. Mostly technical like a loop getting cut early, and a guitar not in the house mix or a few pops and buzzes.

Last night I was perusing the internet for a loop for Hosanna by Paul Baloche. First mistake was trying to do something last-minute. I should have just stopped but I found Fred McKinnon had created a loop for his church here. My intent was to allow the loop to play till the drums come in. It would be just me playing through the loop so I didn’t figure any harm. I forgot drums kind of start on pre-chorus and the loop needed to fill in till the chorus. So the first service it got cut off too early before the drums came in and the second service, I killed it early because our drummer sped up getting us way off. It wasn’t very loud in the mix so all fairness to our drummer. Lesson learned is never attempt something like that last-minute. It never works.

I read some scripture from Psalm 50 and serious kudos to our tech team who got the scripture up there without me even knowing it. I forgot to tell them I would be doing a reading and they had it up there within a nano-second!

Better Is One Day sounded great. No problems there. High five to our BGVs Jayce who carried the last chorus so I could step out for a moment and come in with some BGVs of my own. So she became lead and I stepped into the background.

What A Savior just plain rawked and I heard EVERYONE singing it. I’m thinking our church is really digging this new song by Laura Story.

Lead Me To The Cross was good. The second service, I kinda got real with the church. I typically allow the Spirit to lead me after each song. Should I say something? Should I not? Should I pray? Should I go straight into the next song? This time I really felt we needed to give God thanks for the cross on our own terms. So I was just hanging there playing some simple intro chord patterns and I began to speak. Everyone kinda had their head down thinking I was going to pray and I watched everyone’s head pop up in surprise when I spoke to them about why we worship and why we come to church. I told them I was going to play a little more but I wanted them to give thanks for the cross in their own way and to ask God to lead them in His way. So we had a moment where everyone just spent time with God. I really loved that. Then I started the song.

I rarely if ever play that last chorus twice and this morning I found a musical open door to do so and the band hung with me. Way to go guys keeping up with a “lost in worship” leader! We also had a stand in piano player, Cavanaugh, (I think that’s how you spell his name). Our normal piano player was at another church championing the fight against child trafficking and Cav stepped in with no practice. He also goes to Belmont College in Nashville TN. Those folks are notorious for producing awesome musicians so we had a display of prime musicianship at our church. Thanks for your service Cav!

(whew, long post)

Lastly, one of our youth stepped up and slammed the gavel down on our Nirvana series. We played Something In The Way and since Nirvana is one of the pastor’s and his kid’s favorite band, I gave him a chance to sing one of the songs. I jumped over on bass and I really enjoyed him closing it out. Mad props to a 12-year-old signing off on one of our favorite sermon series as of lately!

God has really blessed our church with servants in the music ministry. When I started four years ago, it was the drummer (Thomas) and me on acoustic. We now have so many folks who serve day in and day out. There’s at least twelve I count on our team working with every Sunday or sporadically filling in. All praise be to GOD!!!!

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