9.9.12 Worship Rewind

  • For Your Glory – Matt Maher
  • Look What You’ve Done – Tree63
  • Here For You – Matt Redman

What a great day we had at Xtreme. Pastor brought the State of the Church message and it was so encouraging. I love looking back and seeing what all God has done though our church and hearing the vision for the next year. Lots of new ministry opportunities coming up.

As far as worship goes, I am so blessed at those who are serving in our worship ministry from the media to the band. I get to get up and lead more people than I can count on both hands. That’s huge for me and all praise goes to God and lots of thanks to those who are serving in such capacity at Xtreme.

We kept the worship to three songs today. We just cut one this morning because Pastor Carlo had a lot to talk about concerning the state of the church. We began with For Your Glory. Sounded great. I threw the band for a loop in rehearsal because I started another song and the band was just sitting there looking at me like What are you doing. Whoops. Glad I got that out of my system.

We went right into Look What You’ve Done. A great song to remind us that God has done great things and although we are saved by grace through faith, we still need to step up and serve. There are a lot of things that need to be done to bring lost people to Christ. Lord what can we do for you since you have done so much for us?

Lastly, we went into a new song for our church. Matt Redman’s Here For You. I’m very proud of our band because once again I waited till the last-minute to introduce this song and the team stepped up and learned it very quickly and pulled it off like they had been playing it forever this morning. (Except for you Thomas. I heard you go into that snare roll to early.) I don’t like introducing new songs because I look out and see folks just staring at the words. We’ll get this church and soon you’ll be singing this song loud and proud!

It was good to see some new faces today. If you attend Xtreme, please start stepping up your game on inviting others to church. It’s imperative that we invite or else no one will know that Xtreme is here to serve them. There are folks hurting and looking for love in all the wrong places (did you get that?). Xtreme, I’m proud to say, is a serving church and folks need that. So invite someone to church.

Also, if you pray, please pray for my throat, sometime last week my throat started hurting when I swallow. Not sure what’s going on. It doesn’t really hurt to sing or talk but it’s like pins and needles when I swallow. I think I may have strained my throat rehearsing for a 3 hour gig I just played last night. So I could use some healing. Thanks

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