9.23.12 Worship Rewind

We had an amazing time at Xtreme today. Worship was right on. The message was speaking volumes. Prayers are being answered. God is showing up. Lives are changing.

Today we had a full house in the second service. Is was really cool to see seats filled. I’m just gonna say it. I’ve been praying to see a lot of folks in attendance for a while and the last two Sundays have been answered prayers. Lots of folks hearing the gospel and lives truly are changing and folks are stepping up left and right to serve in church and serve our community. That’s why I pray to see bigger numbers at church. Seeing more people means seeing even more people being served.

We started off with Today is The Day. Folks were ready to worship this morning. They were participating from the get go.  This song is a good song to get things going. One day I hope I can learn the solo so I can rock it out. Or I may have to get our newest addition to the band Kaven to learn it.

After the welcome, we went straight in to Like A Lion. Once again, it sounded real good with an added guitar playing a second part to that song. Everyone was singing out loud. Just a fun song and a great reminder that God is not dead. We need that reminder that we are not coming to sing to the ceiling or a God that cannot hear us. God knows that we are gathering. He chooses to be with us and receive His glory. The grave couldn’t hold him.

Heather held some pads down on the keyboards as we went straight in to No Turning Back. Great song that has a great build and our team does such a good job at creating that build. I’m serious when I say I can’t contain the excitement watching our team grow musically. I’m growing right along with them. Such an honor to lead this team.

What I’m really excited about was how awesome Overcome sounded. The last songs were all in the key of A so flowing from one song was very simple with Heather on the keys today. As worship leaders, we hear the songs played by the big churches and wish someday we could have a band that sounds that full with so many things going on in a song. I once brought this song in and because I was the only guitarist, I couldn’t pull off everything that was going on so the song kinda sat on the back burner for quite some time. Kaven picked up on his part Wednesday at rehearsal and today just knocked it out of the park with that second guitar part. Heather adding the keys made it sound so full even though she gets bored on pads and wants to play piano.

Out team in definitely selfless. They’re concerned with what makes the song sound better. Even if they don’t want to play a certain instrument or sing a certain part, what will encourage worship and they will do it. I’m grateful to be able to lead such a team. God is blessing Xtreme tremendously with people with a servant’s heart all across the board.

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