10.7.12 Worship Rewind

Last week I took off because y birthday So it was good to get back with my crew and lead worship. I more than made up for it though because I led worship Tuesday for the PWOC on post; a group of Army wives. Then I led worship at a Warrior’s Retreat for soldiers with PTSD. So my week was full of ministry and it… was… awesome!!!!!

This week we played some good ole’ oldies from a few years back I didn’t realize it when I planned it. We had some technical difficulties as well as some hiccups but that’s ok. I don’t really care about those things anymore except for how we can do better. You gonna have hiccups. Just make sure you learn from them.

We started with Not To Us, a classic from Chris Tomlin. In the first service, about around the chorus, my guitar unit went out. I literally had to stop the song and fix it. I hate that it happened but I’m more than glad it didn’t happen in a slow song. Everything seemed louder as well but that may be because I haven’t had the in-ear monitors in my ear for two weeks. Either case, the song sounded great.

I’ve been singing Sing To The King for so many years now. I truly love that song. Probably will never quit singing it either. I think I’ve changed the intro a dozen times. It’s crazy. But the song sounded well. I had a dumb moment when we were rehearsing this morning because I couldn’t remember how we had played it in the past.

Our God seemed not together but that could just be me. Actually I would say it was me. Trying to remember the lyrics and how I play the song. I was just kinda all over the place in my mind on that song. I looped the intro and had a hard time connecting with the loop and my guitar just seemed so loud in my ears. Anyway, all me probably.

One of my favorite songs to lead is King Of Glory. It never fails to sound good and lead me to God. Such a good song to be lead into God’s presence.

Sometimes, we won’t hit a home run every time. A few weeks ago, we just felt like worship was an amazing time. Maybe that’s in the room but not in our hearts. This week may have been great in our hearts but not necessarily in our room. We all know what’s more important.

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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to 10.7.12 Worship Rewind

  1. Marcus says:

    Love King of Glory! We do that one too on occasion. I’m surprised it’s not used by the larger Church more often.

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