There’s Grace In Teamwork

What does it mean to have grace on a team. It means when one doesn’t perform to it’s best, you work around the problems, solve them or put in the backups, and move forward with one goal in mind; to win, to succeed, to finish the race! The St. Louis Cardinals did this very thing in Game 5 of the 2011 National League Division Series.

The Cardinals penciled in one of the greatest pitchers for their club, Adam Wainwright. Who knew that the next three innings would explode in their face as the Nationals were just a single short of a cycle three batters into the game. This is not what you’d expect for your best starter. The Cardinals replaced Wainwright with Joe Kelly and for the next 6 innings began chipping away at the 6-0 lead the Nationals had over the Cardinals.

By the 9th inning the Cardinals were down by two Thanks to some smart heads at the plates, they loaded the bases with two outs. Descalso and Kozma bot hit for two RBIs a piece taking the lead finishing the game 9-7, a Cardinals victory. The whole time, Wainwright was sitting in the dugout shell-shocked by what he had just witnessed of his own doings. The rest of team at each inning interval would pump up their need to win without leaving Wainwright out but the pitcher couldn’t get out of his mind what he had allowed to happen.

When the game ended, it was the only time that Wainwright felt he could celebrate. ” It was the lowest I’ve ever felt in my career,” Wainwright said. “And then, all of a sudden, it’s one of the highest moments I’ve ever felt in my career. That’s the great thing about playing on an amazing team. This really is a team where you go out there and have a terrible performance like I did, the rest of the team went out there and played hard and didn’t give up.”

A team like the Cardinals did not leave Wainwright out of the celebration. They didn’t harp on him about the hole they had to dig out of. They never made Wainwright feel less of a team-mate. Wainwright never felt he wasn’t a Cardinal after the third inning.

This is a prime example of showing a team member grace, picking them up after a tough battle and moving forward with the celebration. Way to go guys. Way to show class. Way to be true team members. Way to show grace towards one of your own. The church can learn a lot from your example.

I love my St. Louis Cardinals ball club! Now let’s go beat the Giants in the NLCS!

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