Lessons From Levi (I Know)

Levi is just over two years old. Everyday his mom and I are bombarded with him saying our name daddy or mommy. I could estimate him saying daddy or mommy over a few thousand times and I’m willing to bet that’s more than accurate. I love it but it’s also tiring because he doesn’t stop until you answer him. I’m smiling as I type this because I want to hear him say daddy again. I can’t wait to hear his voice again.

When he does this he wants to tell us something or show us something. He’s learning so much and he wants to show off what he is learning. He’ll say, “Daddy? epole!”, “Daddy? ooguck!”, “Daddy? Tada!”, “Daddy? Shert!”, “Daddy? Soos!” and on and on and on and on. Sometimes he says my name over and over and over just to say it not trying to get my attention. Sometimes he just wants to say our names. At times he’ll say Mommydaddy or Daddymommy. And even some times he adds Mimi to it like Mimmommydaddy. (Mimi is is grandmother.)


epole = airplane

ooguck = a derivative of a truck sometimes he adds the oo and sometimes he just says guck

Tada = anything that flies

Shert = a shirt but can sometimes sound like a four letter word (I’ll spare ya)

Soos = shoes


He just wants us to know that he knows. He’s excited. He’s in a world with so much, just letting us know he knows is comforting. He tells me over and over to confirm to himself that he knows what he knows and to hear confirmation from his daddy. I think that’s pretty cool. Yes it get’s trying but like I mentioned I can’t wait to hear it again. That’s the daddy in me. It’s exciting to see him learn so much.

Reminds me of the time God asked Adam and Eve after they bit into the forbidden fruit and had hidden themselves where they were at.

God knew!

He just wanted them to know that he knew. God knows everything. There is nothing hidden from Him (Psalm 139). Just like I often wondered how my parents found out about the innermost things I did away from them, nothing is a surprise to God because we cannot escape His spirit.

God just wants to know that we know when we mess up. He already knows. He’s not asking for confession so that he can find out about things. He’s asking us to confess things to him so we can be healed. There is healing in confession (James 5:16).

God knows!

*Levi is my 2-year-old and I’m learning life lessons watching him grow

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