2.19.12 Worship Rewind

  • All Because of Jesus – Fee
  • There Is Power In The Blood – Hymn
  • Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles
  • God You Reign – Lincoln Brewster
  • Hallelujah! What A Savior – Ascend The Hill

Starting rocking out on All Because of Jesus, we play it in “C” but I use a capo on the third fret and play in “A”. I also like the crunch of adding the V note to the “A” by adding the 6th string open playing the I-IV notes of “A”. (Did you get all that?) It’s crunchy and rocks and it sounds wicked cool.

We play a very upbeat version of There Is Power In The Blood and today was no exception. We added the guitar solo from Can’t Buy Me Love after the second chorus so we kept the beat of the Beatles song. My guitar was whole notes on every quarter note. I love playing that bluesy solo that George plays. The song was really kicking. We had trouble during rehearsals because I wasn’t sure how to communicate what I was hearing in my head. But we got it worked out this morning and it showed. It rocked for a hymnal.

The first service we had some troubles with transition mainly because of miscommunication on my part. But the second service flowed really well between “Power” and “God You Reign“. I was also having issues in the first service because my volume control knob on my guitar loosened up and I couldn’t bring the dynamics down. Irritation.

We tried out “Hallelujah! What A Savior.” The first service was kinda weak but the second service was done well. I will also say that I had the opportunity to minister to some folks after the first service so I was more sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the second service than I was in the first service. I really wanted to minister with the songs we were singing the second go around because those I had ministered to stayed both services.

We also changed up the service this Sunday. We normally put welcome and announcements after the first song but we moved it to the end along with the offering. It worked well. We also transitioned from the worship music to the message by bringing the song dynamics from high to low and Pastor Carlo prayed us into the message.

Really cool service with the change ups as well as Ted Welton bringing the message on Love and Family. Greatest line I got out of the message today was “Faith and Hope will not go on for eternity because we won’t need them in Heaven but Love will go for eternity!” Good stuff!

A Beatles Christmas

I’m excited about this new series coming up in December titled a Beatles Christmas. My pastor Carlo Serrano is speaking on a new twist of an old story, a familiar story told by the Beatles, through their music.

I’m excited to be playing some Beatles at church. This is a stretch for me as well as the band. But it’s gonna be fun.

I’m freaked out to be playing some Beatles at church. This is a stretch for me as well as the band. But it’s gonna be fun.

So if you’re in the Clarksville area, come by and worship with us at Xtreme and listen as Paul, John, George, and Ringo tell us about the goodness and greatness of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The line up for this month is this:

Dec. 5 – Help!

Dec. 12 – Nowhere Man

Dec. 19 – Here Comes The Sun

Dec. 26 – Get Back


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