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If you use Evernote, then I don’t have to persuade you it’s the best app/web interface that has come around since Al Gore invented this internet thing. Recently Evernote has developed an add-on for Firefox that was previously only available for Google Chrome. This new add-on is called Clearly and it works just like Reader does in Safari.

Where once you had to read through ads and links and all sorts of undesirable distractions to remove your attention from the material you were originally interested in, Clearly now gives you the option to remove everything but the article for easy reading and less clutter on the screen.


As you can see in the below image of pcworld.com, you have the ads, pictures and links to take  your attention away from the important material.



In the next image you can “Clearly” tell that Clearly has removed everything but the important information you wanted to read.


Also Evernote gives you the option in a panel on the right hand side of your screen to clip the article to your Evernote interface so you can keep it handy for referencing needs. You also have the option to change the color theme and font size for better reading as well as a button to print article.


Clearly is a wonderful add-on for Firefox and I am thoroughly happy that they have created it. I plan to make plenty of use considering that I read lots of blogs, news articles, and leadership articles.


To download the add-on, click here for Firefox. Happy reading CLEARLY.



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